Arctic Water Resources Vulnerability Index

About AWRVI *

Fresh water is one of our most critical resources. Being able to see the ‘big picture’ of the water that communities rely on is an important asset in the decision-making process.

The Arctic Water Resource Vulnerabilities Index (AWRVI) was developed because:

  • No index exists to assess resilience and vulnerability of people in the Arctic to changes in water resources.
  • Freshwater is critical to the sustainability of people in the Arctic.
  • People in the Arctic face uncertainty in their day-to-day lives due to environmental changes.
  • The need for Arctic communities to determine their vulnerability to changes in freshwater resources is becoming more urgent.
  • The Arctic is a unique environment with a challenging set of factors including remote communities with poorly developed infrastructure and high energy costs, a rapidly changing climate, and variable abundance of liquid water much of the year.

AWRVI provides a holistic profile of a community’s key water issues. It is designed to be used specifically in the Arctic’s varied and unique environment. The tool is a composite water index to evaluate the well-being of Arctic communities with respect to fresh water and a tool comprised of 27 socio-economic (e.g., social network capacity), biological (e.g., subsistence habitat) and physical (e.g. variation in precipitation) indicators.

Completed Vulnerability Assessments